Important note!

Before signing the delivery receipt,
you must check carefully the shipment.

If there is any damage or items missing, please mention it on the forwarder‘s delivery note immediately!
Even small dents or scratches should be reported.

Please DO NOT SIGN  the delivery note stating “under reserve” but note “PARCEL DAMAGED” or “PALLET DAMAGED”.
This is strictly necessary, otherwise the insurance company is NOT obligated to cover/pay for any damage!

If you sign the forwarder‘s documents without indicating any damages, we will not be able to assume liability.
Afterwards, please send us a detailed report about the damage so we can claim it.



We pack our pallets and parcels as follows:

  • pallet


    1. white plastic straps
    2. brown adhesive tapes with text in 12 languages
    3. white stretch film
  • parcel


    1. brown box
    2. brown adhesive tapes with text in 12 languages
    3. brackets on top and bottom

Please inform also your colleagues in your warehouses or logistic centres!


Service Information:

Avoid broken LCD TV screen

All devices equipped with a larger LCD screen (40 inch and larger) shall not be transported and unpacked by just one person in order to avoid canting which might break the LCD.
During transport and unpacking, any flexural or compressive force on the flat side of the screen must be avoided (see instructions below). Subject to change without prior notice.