Wallbox Eco-Smart

Greener charges at your fingertips

Eco-Smart is an embedded smart feature that enables EV charging with the green energy generated from your solar panels (PV) or wind turbines — at no additional cost. Enjoy a more sustainable, more efficient charge everytime you plug in!*

Wallbox Eco Smart

Two modes for greater control

Charge with 100% solar energy or a mix of solar and grid energy.

Wallbox Eco Smart

Harness the full power of your PV

Take advantage of every bit of energy surplus by directing that excess clean energy to your car.

Wallbox Eco Smart

More green, more savings

Save even more on your electricity bill by using the free, clean energy that’s already yours.

Two modes to choose from

Choose your preference with just one click in the myWallbox app and change your selection at any time.

Wallbox Eco Smart

Full-Green Mode

Full-Green mode detects when there is enough surplus green energy available at your home to meet the minimum requirements needed to power your car. That’s when your car will begin charging, meaning every charge is 100% green.

Wallbox Eco Smart

Eco Mode

Eco mode detects the surplus green energy that is not being used elsewhere in your home in real-time and mixes it with energy from the grid to ensure a fast, efficient charge. This minimizes your use of grid energy.

* Compatible with Pulsar Plus and Copper SB. Energy meter required.

New feature, same great chargers

Our smart, simple solutions are designed to deliver the best charging experience, from reducing your energy costs to ensuring your car is ready to go whenever you are. Eco-Smart works with Pulsar Plus and Copper SB.

Start using Eco-Smart
via myWallbox

If you already have a Pulsar Plus or Copper SB and energy meter, you’re ready to start using Eco-Smart. Just download the free myWallbox app to access Eco-Smart, along with other smart charging features like scheduling, real-time statistics, and more.

Wallbox Eco Smart
Wallbox Eco Smart

Need an energy meter?

Eco-Smart requires your charger to be connected via a compatible energy meter. Upgrade your installation today and enable all our energy management features, from Eco-Smart to Power Boost.